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Mouawad: “Crown” Jeweler

Fred Mouawad, co-guardian of the luxury house of Mouawad, will be watching the Miss Universe Pageant Saturday evening, (January 14, 2023) being held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, as the new Miss Universe will be crowned with the Mouawad “Force for Good” Miss Universe crown, Mouawad’s 12th crowning achievement (pun intended).

The “Force for Good” crown represents, as Fred Mouawad says, “the organization’s belief in a future forged by women who push the limits of what’s possible and the incredible women from around the world who advocate for positive change.”

What’s in the Crown?

Made up of 108.44 carats of blue sapphires, with the central prominent pear shape weighing in at approximately 45.14 carats, and approximately 48.12 carats of “white diamonds.”

Note: There are no “white” diamonds in this crown. White diamonds are white, like a white wedding veil, or snow, or milk. The diamonds that are set into the Force for Good crown are colorless. (Okay, I am assuming that Mouawad would not use near colorless diamonds in a $5.75 million crown. – gr)

For more on the impressive crowns from Mouawad, we have several links for you to quench your thirst.

Here is a short video (with no audio) to see last year’s crowning of Miss Universe receiving the Power of Unity crown, as well as scrolling to see the last three Miss Universe winners, Tap Here.

To read a thorough news report with a Mouawad video highlighting the “Force for Good” crown, Tap Here.

No Mouawad crown for Kate (Catherine, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge), but the ruby and diamond earrings are from Mouawad!
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