Lab diamonds surging in popularity to help shoppers save big money on jewellery | 7NEWS Australia

This quick television news video shows just how the Australian diamond jewelry industry is confronting the new manmade diamond jewelry category. Some retailers are in, and some are out. The information in this video is pretty much spot-on, especially well-done for a quick news report. Kudos to channel 7 reporter, Amelia Broun, for keeping it straight forward and not sensational.

Pricing information is fairly accurate, and the comparison of manmade diamonds to a fake Louis Vuitton handbag is one which we have heard before and seems to be making some traction.

The final statement by jeweler Rohan Milne was the proper focus; “The problem is that the value of them is dropping. And with something where you can essentially press a button and create another diamond, there will be no value in the future.”

Tap here for the video

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