Yes, It’s a Birthstone Feature, with 30 Emerald Jewels

Featured in Tatler Magazine,, is a surprisingly worth sharing pictorial highlighting emerald-set jewels.

Venyx, Muzo Bonsai Necklace

While the pictorial begins with a rather disappointing black and white image of Marlene Dietrich (a movie star from the mid-20th century – 1930s-1940s), the rest was quite enjoyable.

The Venyx X Muzo, Muzo Bonsai Necklace with emerald and diamonds, was one favorite. This pendant uses a gold bonsai background visible as a shadow through the emerald. The emerald is, as expected, complete with “jardin,” a garden of inclusions. This plays nicely on the theme, which is why it works very well.

Included in the collection, a necklace set with a heart shaped “Trapiche” (a rare, segmented emerald), surrounded by diamonds and emeralds, and suspended from a strand of seed pearls. Following that is a Van Cleef & Arpels, Perlée couleurs ring, 5 rows of gold beads accented by 5 rows of round brilliant cut emeralds, 3-stones in each row, which are offset across the band.

There’s even a princess tiara in the pictorial, created by Chaumet, titled “Torsade de Chaumet tiara” with emerald and diamonds.

Graff, Colombian Emeralds, Diamonds, White Gold

Tap here to view the entire collection highlighting May’s birthstone, the Emerald.

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