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“Never Stop Innovating: Gem Artist Chi Huynh”

GIA’s Gems & Gemology’s Winter issue has several articles worth reading.

But there is one feature story that I feel you should definitely read … “Never Stop Innovating: Gem Artist Chi Huynh”

Here is my reason why.

This is a short story about how I was introduced to the gem artist, Chi Huynh. It’s a quick 1-minute read.

I was at at the JCK Show in Las Vegas, writing the gem news for JCK Magazine. A good friend of mine, a GIA classmate, Brandt Scholz, came up to me while I was in one of the outer hallways, grabbed my arm, started dragging me back into the show, telling me, “you’ve got to see this!”


“This guy has put turquoise into Tahitian pearls.” What?

I knew this guy – Galatea. The “Diamond in a Pearl” guy. He was also faceting pearls. Pretty cool.

We get to his booth, and I see the turquoise in the pearl. At first, I thought he was inlaying turquoise into the carved nacre of the pearl. Then Chi explained to me that he defied everyone who said it couldn’t be done, that he had implanted turquoise beads into Tahitian black lipped oysters. The oyster would lay nacre over the turquoise bead, pearls would grow for about two years, and then he carves into the nacre, down to the turquoise bead. That’s right – no mother-of-pearl bead. It’s turquoise. Follow Roskin Gem News Report for More Updates

Mouth wide open! Speechless!

And I have been following him ever since.

Here’s the link to G&G’s cover story, “Never Stop Innovating: Gem Artist Chi Huynh.” Here’s the link.

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