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Personal Property of Freddie Mercury, Lead Singer of the Rock Band Queen, will be Sold at Auction: Sotheby’s / London.

1,500 personal items, including “a number of never-before-seen drafts of the immortal song lyrics, along with some of the riotous costumes that were the hallmark of Mercury’s signature style,” will all go on sale – over 6 private and public auctions – says Sotheby’s. It will be epic!

Items include:

Freddie Mercury’s crown and accompanying cloak: Estimate £60,000–80,000.

Freddie Mercury’s handwritten manuscript working lyrics to ‘We are The Champions’: Estimate £200,000–300,000.

A tiny Tiffany & Co. silver mustache comb, late 20th century: Estimate £400–£600.

Pink star-shaped glasses: Estimate £2,000–4,000

Eleven watercolors by Erté, including one gifted by his close friend, Elton John (Estimate £2,000–3,000).

James Jacques Tissot, Type of Beauty (1880), the last work of art Mercury bought: Estimate £400,000–600,000.

Freddie Mercury’s 1975 Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar: Estimate £30,000–50,000.

Pablo Picasso’s portrait of his wife, Jaqueline au Chapeau Noir (Estimate £50,000–70,000).

An Art Nouveau glass vase-lamp (c. 1905), by Daum with a bespoke tasseled shade made by Freddie Mercury: (Estimate £2,000–3,000).

A classic Fabergé gem-set, nephrite and enamel desk clock, circa 1908-17: Estimate £30,000–50,000.

Freddie Mercury’s 1980s vintage bakelite cream rotary telephone: Estimate £2,000–4,000.

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Roskin Gem News Report
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