Dyber Illusion Lines
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Michael Dyber to Unveil his Latest Lapidary Technique


Tucson 2023 – Michael Dyber, gem artist known for his creative optical effects, such as the “Dyber Optic Dishes,” “Luminaires,” & “Photon Phacets,” will be unveiling his new gem cutting technique, the “Dyber Illusion Lines.” Shown here, is a 33.54 cts. Bolivian Ametrine, with Dyber Illusion Lines.

Looking through the table, the illusion lines curve around the pavilion. But, when viewed from the back, the illusion lines are perfectly straight. How is that possible?

“Ninety nine percent of my work is asymmetrical but visually balanced,” notes Dyber, “and thus requires a custom-made setting.” However, working with Dyber’s art inspires jewelry designers to think differently, thus creating something that is just as unique.

“My creations are miniature works of art,” says Dyber. “When you buy one of my gems, you get a signed original piece of art.”

Dyber has always been an innovator when it comes to one of a kind gem art. “And when that piece is incorporated into jewelry, the results show the synergy of two creative minds.”

For more information about Michael Dyber’s gem art, visit www.dyber.net or call +1 (603) 744-2161.

photos by Sena Dyber

Roskin Gem News Report
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