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Dive into Cartier’s long and illustrious history with India’s jewellery legacy

Vogue India

The jewellery brand’s archives contain India’s finest jewellery pieces of all time!

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Fables around kings and their gems and the magic of the old world may be preserved in the worn out and aged pages of texts, scriptures and books, but the ever-present lustre of India’s heirlooms has never dimmed through the decades. Cartier’s archives of India’s finest jewels safe-keep the legacies left by Indian royalty with a museum-like reverence. The Maharaja of Nawanagar’s cascading necklace, known as the Jeanne Toussaint necklace, which has now been dismantled to create separate jewellery pieces, featured natural diamonds that were the size of golf balls—something that Jacques Cartier described as “a superb realisation of a connoisseur’s dream”. Or perhaps take a second look at the famous ceremonial choker of Sir Bhupinder Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala—the one seen adorning the neck of Emma Chamberlain at the 2022 Met Gala— these are just a part of Cartier’s deep-seated relationship with India’s treasures.

The Story Behind the Maharaja Bhupinder Singh’s Lost Patiala Necklace

Maharaja of Patiala’s Cartier Diamond Choker

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