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From Christie’s:

14 MAR 10AM – 28 MAR 11AM EDT | ONLINE


THE LUNAR NECKLACE: The Moon – lunar feldspathic breccia; Sahara Desert, Mauritania

Current Bid (69 Bids)USD 65,000

Estimate: USD 140,000 – USD 200,000

Now offered is a spectacular single strand necklace of perfectly matched lunar beads in what is the first of its kind offered at auction.

The Moon is among the rarest substances on our planet. Less than 1400 kg of the Moon is known to exist on Earth and every single bit could fit in the trunk of a large SUV. While Apollo astronauts returned with approximately 382 kg of Moon rocks, not one milligram of this material is available for private ownership. As for the nearly 1000 kg of lunar meteoritesi.e., pieces of the Moon ejected off the lunar surface following an asteroid impact (nearly all of the craters on the Moon are the result of such impacts), a good deal of that material is also untouchable as a result of its residency in the world’s great museums and research institutions.


Possessing what is among the highest terrestrial ages of any meteorite, Muonionalusta fell to Earth about one million years ago in what is now northern Sweden. While meteorite hunters have unearthed numerous masses in recent years using metal detectors, it was back in 1906 that children discovered the first Muonionalusta while engaging in a favorite childhood pastime — the kicking of a rock…which could not readily be kicked.

This modern yet ancient sculptural form was rendered by renowned Russian artisan Alexei Kovalev. A narrow border at the perimeter of each triangular face is highly polished in what is otherwise a metallic crystalline pyramid from interplanetary space.

These are just two of many items up for auction.

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Roskin Gem News Report
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