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Samaa Khullar | 11.24.22


Bulgari Goes Green For Latest Jewelry Collection

Bulgari approaches their latest jewelry collection with emerald gemstones. The brand showcases exquisite emeralds in its newest high jewelry collection, inspired by the natural world and its many wonders.

Photography Alberto Maria Colombo

Styled by Giuliano Martinelli

Bulgari’s latest high jewelry and watch collection, titled “Bulgari Eden The Garden of Wonders,” encompasses more than 140 pieces, 30 of which prominently feature emeralds.

The Emerald Glory piece, pictured here, worn either as a striking necklace with a detachable choker or as an elegant tiara, was designed to emulate the intricacy of lace. The dazzling display of 11 pear-shaped green emeralds is enshrined with diamonds, totaling 220 carats—a design that required more than 3,000 hours of handwork. The Tribute to Paris necklace is similarly grand. Evoking glamorous evenings in the City of Lights, an oval-shaped 35.53-carat emerald is surrounded by inlays of diamonds and emeralds.

The Emerald Venus necklace is inspired by the Capelvenere plant, a Mediterranean fern also known as maidenhair or Venus’ hair for its delicate tendrils. Branches sprouting emerald beads and diamonds surround a 20-carat octagonal-cut emerald. While over-the-top and dynamic in both size and color, the necklace itself is lightweight; the set includes a matching timepiece composed of emeralds paired with baguette, pavé, and round brilliant-cut diamonds.

MODEL Alay Deng
Chiara Bussei
 Ricky Morandin
Lorenzo Sampaolesi
Fernando Echeverría

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