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Bohnams: Barbara Walters’ Jewels & More

120 Important Jewels Are Included In Barbara Walters’ Estate Auction

Anthony DeMarco
Senior Contributor

Barbara Walters was a groundbreaking broadcast journalist and television personality with a career that spanned more than 60 years. She was one of the most recognized persons in the U.S., known for her interviews with some of the most iconic names in politics and entertainment. In addition, she was the first female co-host of a network news program and the first female network news anchor of a national evening news program.

Walters, who died in 2022, was also known for her style—such as her collection of jewels. Now, many of her jewels will be included in an auction by Bonhams titled “Barbara Walters: American Icon” in New York on November 6. The objects in her $8 million Upper East Side New York estate include a 120-piece jewelry collection worn by Walters at red-carpet appearances and while hosting her popular interviews. In addition to jewelry, the sale contains a collection of more than 300 lots of fine art, works of art and objet d’art. The net proceeds from the sale will benefit charities dear to Walters.

A pair of JAR gemset earrings, France. Estimate $180,000 – $250,000

“Jewelry was incredibly special to Barbara Walters, and her collection included everything one could want in a jewelry collection: exceptional designs from renowned jewelry houses including JAR, as well as pieces from many American designers such as Harry Winston, Angela Cummings, and Seaman Schepps,” said Jean Ghika, Bonhams global head of Jewelry.

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