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Bird on a Pearl: Tiffany Pays Tribute to Schlumberger


(Image credit: Tiffany & Co)

Bird on a Rock, the Tiffany Diamond / image from Tiffany & Co.

In a feature story by Hannah Silver for, Tiffany & Co. pays tribute to Jean Schlumberger with a “capsule high jewellery collection” including “Bird on a Pearl.”

The “Bird on a Rock” by Schlumberger is one of Tiffany’s most iconic pieces of jewelry. Jean Schlumberger, a renowned jewelry designer, worked for Tiffany & Co. from the mid-1950s until the 1970s. The original “Bird on a Rock” was designed in 1956 with the Tiffany Diamond, weighing 128.54 carats, one of the largest and most famous fancy yellow diamonds in the world.

Since then the design has been recreated by Tiffany & Co. many times, using several different colorful gems, for celebrities such as actress Gloria Swanson, actress Elizabeth Taylor, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, musical artist Lady Gaga, and most recently, actor Michael B. Jordan wearing two Bird On A Rock brooches, one with a 32-carat morganite, and the other with a 58-carat green tourmaline.

Michael B Jordan, from Who Wore What Jewels, the 2023 Oscars

Tap here to read about the Bird on a Pearl and other fabulous Tiffany & Co. creations.

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