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Bangkok Jewelry Fair is Huge Potential for Tanzania Mining Sector

Tanzanian Daily News

Speaking after attending the opening ceremony of the event, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Minerals, Msafiri Mbibo, revealed that significant mineral traders in Thailand, including government officials have expressed interest in collaborating with Tanzania in various areas.

Mr Mbibo further stated that Tanzania’s participation in the high-value mineral fair aims to facilitate learning and promote the revival of mineral auctions within the country.

“It seeks to encourage the establishment of mineral markets where traders can purchase minerals through markets set up in each region of Tanzania.

Approximately 31,000 key stakeholders from various parts of the world are expected to attend the event, representing 21 countries, with nearly 1,100 exhibitors.

The Tanzanian government, through the Ministry of Minerals, plans to reintroduce mineral auctions and the annual International Gems and Jewelry Fair in Arusha, aligned with the international calendar of gem and jewelry exhibitions.

Furthermore, Mr Mbibo urged mineral sellers, miners, and value addition practitioners in the mineral sector to leverage the long-standing positive relationship between Tanzania and Thailand.

This could include collaborating with Thai counterparts on various mineral-related activities.

He added, “Business needs both sellers and buyers ready to receive other people and learn how to conduct business from the national to international level, especially for high-value minerals and gemstones,”

The Vice President of the Federation of Tanzanian Mineral Dealers in Thailand, Ashish Baid expressed his sincere intention to cooperate with Tanzania.

Baid urged that, “Mineral business in Thailand has been recognized as the second-largest contributor to foreign exchange earnings and job creation,”

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