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Always check your raw platter
Quahog pearls (pronounced “KWAH-HAWG”) are found on the Eastern shore of North America. This is why you should order East Coast oysters on the half shell.

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (CBS) – You might remember, CBS Philadelphia told you about a couple that found a rare lavender pearl in a clam at a Rehoboth Beach restaurant in August. They now know how much it is worth.

The Overlands of Chester County made the surprising finding and enlisted the help of the Gemological Institute of America and Philadelphia jewelry appraisers. 

The appraisal came back at just over $4,000.

For the record, the dish at the restaurant cost $14. 

They almost sent it back to the chef at first, because it came with peppers.

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Roskin Gem News Report
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